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- Updated May 11, 2020
Fenton Glass Bell
Fenton Green Glass Bell

As this lock down continues, we are looking for things that remind us of happier and healthier times. Vintage items we grew up with are selling well and at the asking price. Prices for vintage items have been stable over the last few months, with a few exceptions, even as the demand for vintage items has increased. Fenton Glass has seen an increase in demand and prices over the last few months. Fenton Glass, founded in 1905 is one of the premier handmade glass manufacturers in the world. Most of our parents had a piece or two in the house when we grew up.

Fenton Glass stopped manufacturing glass in 2011, leaving the only source for Fenton Glass being garage sales, consignment shops, thrift stores…etc. Like all successful manufacturers, there are a lot of fakes and knock offs out there. Fenton started adding the logo in 1970, “Fenton” inside an oval.

Fenton Logo
Fenton Logo and Etched Year

Later the name and manufacturing year was etch into the glass. The photo on the right shows the Fenton logo and the year etched in to the glass.


What should you expect to get for your Fenton Glass? Pricing depends on the piece’s condition, color, style and year of manufacturing. Older pieces, which tend to be harder to find always bring a higher prices. Complete collections, or multiple pieces from a collection also bring higher prices.

 If you have some Fenton glass and want to know what it’s worth a good place to start is on Ebay and search for the piece you have. Detailed search terms will get you the best results (i.e Fenton green glass 8 1/2 inch candlesticks vs Fenton Candlesticks). Ebay will return multiple items with the closest matches first with the asking prices. To get the value of the item, you need to see what the item sold for, scroll down the page and on the left, under the “Show Only” caption, click sold items. Ebay will now display the actual selling price of the item, or at least similar items.

Sell It

If you’re looking to sell your Fenton Glass and don’t want the hassle of photographing the item, listing it, responding to inquiries and shipping, please contact us at


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