Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only sell on Ebay?

No, we also list items on Mercari, Poshmark, ETSY and Offer Up. We utilize Mercari for woman’s and children clothes and Poshmark for higher end fashions and handbags. ETSY only accepts vintage and custom items. Any item that is to big or heavy to ship we list on Offer up for local pickup by the customer.

What is the cost of listing an item?

There is no cost to list an item with us. We only get paid if the item sells.

What are your fees?

We charge  a flat fee of 40 to 50 percent of the selling price. The percentage is agreed upon in advanced and is based on the type of items you have and how long we expect the sale cycle to be. There is a $2.00 selling fee for items selling below $20.00. No other additional or hidden fee are passed along. 

How long is the agreement?

There is no minimum time on our agreements, some items sell right away while others items may take months to sell. 

What items do you list?

We have a lot of success with women’s and children clothes, collectibles, vintage items, souvenirs, paperweights, purses and seasonal items. Of course this is not a complete list of items. 

What items don’t you accept

We don’t accept any large or heavy items that cannot be shipped, such as furniture, gym equipment or household appliances.  We don’t accept clothes that are missing brand/size and care labels, worn, stained or torn. All items must be in very good or excellent condition. We inspect all collectibles for cracks, dis-coloring, and broken parts before they are accepted.

Do I get a receipt for the items picked up.

Yes. We provide a written list of all items picked up and returned. Once the items are entered into our inventory system we provide a detailed list of all items with the online product code for easy reference.

How are the prices set?

We research each item and look at the actual selling price(s) over the last year, what’s available now and the asking price. We then establish a the price based on real expectations.

Who takes the photographs

We take all the photograph in our photography studio using professional equipment, lighting and backgrounds at no cost to you. Quality photographs make your items standout.

Who pack and ships the sold items?

We pack and ship each item. We have customized packaging for fragile items. We also handle all the documentation for international sales.

When do I get paid?

We pay by the 20th of the month for the previous month’s sales. We also provide a monthly detailed sales report with the item name, sales date and selling price.

What happens if I want my items returned.

No problem. We will end your online listings and pull your items from inventory. We then make arrangements to return your items that’s convenient for both of us.

Why should I use you and not a brick and mortar consignment shop

Brick and Mortar consignment shops charge 60+ percent of the sale price and depend on limited foot traffic. D and L Marketplace items are available on multiple platforms and can be seen online worldwide 24/7/365.